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SELF, Inc.

S - Social
       E - Emotional
     L - Learning
  F - Family


 Our Mission

The mission of SELF, Inc. is to provide services to individuals, which enable them to achieve self-sufficiency in life management by developing strength of character and economic independence.

 Our Vision

SELF, Inc. is a community of employees, volunteers, interns, and Board members dedicated to creating a society in which consumers, clients and members are transformed and set free from the spirit of challenging behaviors and addictions into recovery.


 SELF, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization, which has been providing residential services and client service case management for homeless and behaviorally challenged individuals in Philadelphia for over 20 years. SELF, Inc. has grown from an agency of five employees in 1989 to well over a 150 employee’s today, from a budget that included the first government contract for a single program of drug and alcohol to a comprehensive continuum of care. Through the service provider contracts, referral sources and community networks, literally thousands of individuals have been helped to rebuild their lives.


SELF, Inc. founded by Dr. Sylvester Outley, which has been providing services for homeless, behaviorally challenged individuals in Philadelphia for the past 25 years. In response to the City of Philadelphia’s critical need to address the substance abuse problems of its homeless people, SELF, Inc. was formed in 1989 to deliver drug and alcohol counseling in the City of Philadelphia shelters.


SELF, Inc. “clean and sober” supportive service program features the principles of a therapeutic community of peers that has transformed the shelters from havens for addiction and crime into bases for recovery and wellness. We began the original model for Philadelphia’s entire shelter system. At times, SELF, Inc. provided supportive and client case management services for up to 85% of the City shelters!

SELF, Inc. provides emergency shelter, client service case management, and residential services to 260 single men at Outley House, the first “clean and sober” emergency shelter in the City of Philadelphia. This concept does not focus solely on achieving sobriety, but views that as only the first step. Consumers are taught that essentially to turn away from misdirected habits, and to use the basic life principles of love, respect, truth, honesty, care, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance of differences are components to rebuilding their lives. SELF, Inc.’s goal is teach consumers to assume responsibility for their own recovery and development.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

SELF, Inc.

SELF, Inc.
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